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For one who are Harley man or fan of Harley, there are various accessories that you should know and choose some for you. For this list we will be eliminating the high end gifts like, Harley-Davidson jackets, Harley-Davidson boots, helmets and of course motorcycles. So here are my top picks.

First you need to draw attention to yourself. That can be achieved with fiddling with the collar, necklace or earring, or flicking dust from your sleeve or shoulder, just to name a few. After you catch his or her attention, hold his or her gaze for about 3 seconds, break eye contact downwards to take in the nose, lips and chin.

That man had planted a seed in his mind. And the cool thing is that we have no way of knowing where that seed eventually ended up. All of a sudden, this awkward little kid starts to think of himself as a guy whom the crowd is watching; a guy whom the players on the other team had better be wary of.

How do you view these images? Well you will look quite ridiculous if you had to wear those blue and red shades every time you wanted to look at one of your photos. That’s why Fuji has developed a printing process that allows the viewer to see their photos in 3D with the naked eye! No red and blue cartier wood frames, no special process just look at your photos like you’ve always have. For your 3D experience just angle photos and you’ll be amazed at how these images pop right out showing you a glimpse of another angle and what is behind each object in the photo. Truly something worth a look at…

A Harley-Davidson sign like “Have you hugged your Harley today?” is a great novelty item and will cost you less than $20. Hang it inside or where he parks his bike.

Cover your vehicle when not in use. Use the cover made out of good material to prevent damage from sun or due to frost. Do not go for ill fitting covers as they can cause scratches on the windshield when covering or removing the cover. Moisture resistant covers can also be made use of.

Six small meals a day is the ticket here. Make sure they are healthy meals too, Eating six small pieces of cake doesn’t count. Doing this in conjunction with drinking a “ton” of water will really get your body ready for some major weight loss.

There is an easy way to get this handled: Prepare the water you drink the day before. If you are having the glasses of water standing in your kitchen, your bathroom or wherever you just have to notice them, you will drink the water you need.

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